How to buy Ethereum future with USD

If you are new to the digital currency world you should know what exactly cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses crypto graphical functions to conduct financial transactions. This is where Ethereum comes into play. Ether or ETH is the cryptocurrency of Ethereum network. It is probably the most popular digital token in the market after Bitcoin. As for purchasing Ethereum you can do it through a number of ways which includes exchanges, ATM, buying it directly or mining it. If you want to buy Ethereum with USD you need to keep certain things in mind.

What you have to remember is that it will install the app on the blockchain technology. Even do this new technology is very secure and fast there are certain drawbacks as well. You cannot contact any bank ok or an individual to reverse your transactions. Your investment is your security and your choices full stop there is no third party who is going to interfere or help you to reverse any mistakes. Next you have to remember that you need to take some time to go through the instructions warnings and other necessary steps to avoid any message on mistakes. If you are not sure about how you are going to function around the market you need to do your own research and studies or contact some experts to help you. As the transaction is based on internet functions you also need to be very careful about phishing sites and malicious links. The only way to access your sources are through the private key which will be provided to you. Make sure that you have take care and precautions to keep it in a safe storage. Now we come to how we are going to buy ETH using USD.

First you have to create an account on any exchange platforms which include Gemini, Coinbase or Kraken. Once you are done verifying your account you will need to upload a number of documents to verify who you are etc.

Once you are done uploading the verification will be conducted full stop this will take about a day or two which totally depends on how busy the service is. In case there is an increase in price, a ton of users will be using the site so it can take longer. Next you need to follow the instructions on the exchange to deposit the USD into that exchange. This process will typically take around 3 -5 business days and depends on your bank and the wire transfer. Finally you have USD in your exchange account with which you can buy ETH. After you have all the ETH you want you can withdraw that into a wallet which you have control on.

You can also do an exchange on Delta exchange. All you have to is register and verify through an email address. In this case you require no KYC. However on this platform only bitcoins are accepted. A unique BTC deposit address generated for you when you are registering. All futures and perpetual contracts on Delta exchange are argent settled other in BTC or USDC. Use the currency converted to change BTC to USDC. As for Kraken, there are markets directly in ETH/USD. You can even pay by credit cards. You can I exchange them on Circle or Coinbase which allows you to purchase the BTC.  Then you can send the BTC to an ETH exchange like poloniex or BTC market where you can buy Ethereum. However, you need to remember that you should not join any random platform. Crypto market is a very complicated one. Therefore you should be sure to do your research properly before making any commitment.

Most profitable altcoins to mine in 2020

Mining creates the solid ground for more cryptocurrency enthusiasts to mine in a decentralized manner to ensure cryptocurrency. 10 minutes is the time which is basically required to mine a single BTC block so it ensures that new coins are produced every 10 minutes. It is the rule in Bitcoin blockchain. It is the system which was at first popularized by Bitcoin but altcoins have also taken up this system to secure their blockchain. If you are a small miner you need to join bigger pools to get at least some rewards. There are less altcoins you can mine with GPU every day. This is because the mining industry consolidates and professionalizes their pool. If you want to embark on your crypto mining journey you will need to follow some certain requirements so that you can have a most profitable cryptocurrency mining experience in 2020.

First and foremost you need a coin wallet with password protected storage that can keep network wide ledger of transaction. You will also need a free mining software package. Next you need a desktop or customer computer that is designed for mining cryptocurrencies. Other requirements include membership at an online cryptocurrency exchange so that you can exchange your mined coins for cash or Bitcoin. You’ll also need an online mining pool membership to increase profitability and a stable income. Finally you will require a mining ESIC ship or a GPU Nvidia.

The first one in our list is Bitcoin or BTC. it is the first decentralized cryptocurrency that had a head start in digital markets in 2009. Many people consider Bitcoin as the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine in 2020. It verifies Bitcoin transactions on a decentralized network. When you are mining Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer computer is used to secure your transaction. However the block rewards for the miners are going to be reduced to 6.25 BTC in 2020. 

Next we have Litecoin or LTC. Released under the MIT/X11 license LTC is an open source software project. This is also a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and is currently ranked as the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. It has a superior storage capacity and configuration. This makes one of the best cryptocurrencies to be mined in 2020. It is also to be considered that LTC outshine BTC is percentage gain with 41% rise. 

However in August 2020 Bitcoin is going to go through its second halving process. Under this the miner’s rewards would be reduced in half to 12.5 LTC.

Next we have Ravencoin or RVN which was launched in 2018. It is an American made blockchain which has the focus on assert transfer based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is actually an open source peer to peer blockchain which is designed to handle the efficient creation and transfer of assert from one party to another. It has recently gained popularity that it uses for proof of work mining.

Apart from this you have Grin or GRIN which is also an open source project whose main focus is on privacy, stability and trade actively on Hotbit crypto exchange. This coins have unlimited supply and have received a positive response from Bitcoin maximalist. You also have vertcoin or VTC, Feathercoin and AEON apart from the big names. The list can go on as there are many other coins that are worth mining in 2020. Mining is a very slow process but it can actually benefit you in the long run. You can slowly add some extra money in your wallet and hope that the investment is worth the time and efforts involved.


Ethereum is an open-source block chain based platform which has been created to carry out the trades of the cryptocurrency ETHER. Like Bitcoins, it is traded on exchanges and carries the characteristics of digital currencies stored in digital wallets. Again, Ether is not issued or regulated by government regulated banks or other authorities. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to open a trading account with a recommended broker with a couple of minutes and start trading immediately. 

  • CMC Markets

CMC markets is known as a multi asset broker. The market has attained experience over 30 years of trading. It is regulated by the strict policies of UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The funds are safe here and are segregated. There is high level security and safety is guaranteed. It is a publicly-traded company on the London Stock Exchange.
Ethereum futures can be traded in the CMC markets with the use of spread bets or CFD account. The account offers trade on more than 9,000+ trading instruments covering Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Shares etc.


  • It is regulated and publically traded on the London Stock exchange
  • 9000+ trading assets and instruments.
  • Feature-rich proprietary Next Generation trading platform
  • News and analysis from experts and analysts.


  • Binance

Binance has been known to rule the crypto world and the markets. The market is very comfortable for beginners and excellent for advance users. The beginners will find the site very user friendly. Binance has been ranked in the top 5 exchanges time and again by the CMC. Binance also gives you a feature where you can use BNB tokens to trade. Users will receive 50% discount on their trading fees which is quiet an amount. Binance is one of the easiest apps to use on phones as well. 

  • Bitfinex

This exchange is one of the oldest sites which offers entry into the trading world of cryptocurrencies. The volume of cryptocurrencies in this site is quiet high. The exchange always ranks among the top 10 on the CMC hence it is definitely reputed. Users are guided by the instructions given by time at every point. Registering on Bitfinex will take time as they make sure to verify your ID and authenticate you as a user. The process as a whole will take up to 10-15 days. It is also available as a mobile app on android and IOS. It is accessible to all countries with an exception of some. 

  • Coinbase

Another well known and a popular trading site when it comes to cryptocurrencies. You can deposit currencies in the form of USD, EUR. GBP etc. and the app will cash in the cryptocurrencies in your wallet. Coinbase is a very handy app and allows you to by currencies in the most simplest ways. 

  • Bitmex

Now, this exchange has been made, and is run by professional algorithm traders and developers. It is used extensively by economists as well. Hence, it is one of the crowded exchanges. The site has all the tools and techniques you wish to analyse a cryptocurriency. There are certain tools for beginners to experiment and use too. The registration process is also quite simple on this site. 

Always keep in mind that the exchanges, whichever you might use, are centralized in nature. Which means it is advisable to not hold cryptocurrencies in your wallet for too long. The world of cryptocurrencies is heating up. The youth are running towards this direction everyday. It looks like a revolution in the world of trading technology and financial world. 


What will Bitcoin look like in Twenty years?

The kind of prediction we will be doing in this article will determine the future of bitcoins, what will happen to them in the coming twenty years? It sounds a bit odd because this is going to be something that might either turn out great and intellectual or something hilarious. But let’s give it a shot and see what predictions we have for this cryptocurrency here.  

This currency has gone through its own set of ups and downs in the computational market. These sets of coins became famous for providing the framework to create other cryptocurrencies. Similarly, in each instance you get to hear about the latest bitcoin news, it appears to stick to a similar pattern. 

As soon as you come across reports of the latest innovations or guidelines, they lead you to the collapse of bitcoin. It’s followed by a price increase. And after that, the news says about the instability and continuance of the debate as for bitcoin’s development. 


Just because it’s an online firm in the form of cryptocurrency doesn’t mean it will work. Let us take the example of Flipkart, an e-commerce platform that bought Snapdeal thinking it will increase their sales, but the opposite happened. Now as of current neither Flipkart is earning that much nor is Snapdeal. Both are facing losses.  

But then again, we can’t judge a book by its cover. The main reason why we fail in predicting is that we think our opinion is final. It’s not our opinion that’s reality but the future that we fail to observe. In the case of bitcoins, lots of investments are being put forth with the belief that you might gain profit from it.  

As the network of bitcoin permeates the system it will make it much easier to use your phone to buy things with bitcoin. In five years, we’ll try to use fiat money to buy coffee and the barista will laugh. Because you never know, what can happen? What we predict might not be always true you know?  

That is why it’s pretty contradictory as to what side one should choose. I feel like the money in my bank is less secure than my bitcoin is. But if you see it in a generic view, banks are constantly trying to stop hackers from breaking in, but so far no one has managed to hack the bitcoin network. 

Bitcoin, just say this term word to 5 different people, and you’ll get 5 different responses ranging from upgradation to degradation. Though nobody denies its existence, the world is relatively well; spinning around on the merits of its existence. Half of the people think it is the future, while the other thinks it has no future. 

Keeping in mind as the blockchain reaches a scaling watershed, there’s one key differentiation that the world will come to acknowledge is that; one, enthusiasts are likely already very familiar with the vast contrasting figures between Bitcoin, Ethereum and other decentralizing technologies. 

Bitcoin’s succession to digital gold has been mind-blowing and has signaled the beginning of a whole new techno-economic era. But digital gold is just—a beginning. 

If you take a look it’s not so much a matter of if, but when the house of cards tumbles with major worldwide implications. One looks at the five biggest economies in the region and it’s clear. 

Therefore, digital assets have exiguous properties similar to gold and oil in that they are provenly scarce. If this crisis lands, the digital asset class will be the hedge to traditional central banking systems that resort to printing—and thus depreciating—currencies in times of crisis. 

There’s a looming problem with the idea though. That is, there’s no cap on the number of other cryptocurrencies that can be created. Bitcoin cryptocurrency might increase with exposure if people get to know the merits of this currency. But then again there will be a doubt in the minds of the people regarding whether this method of payment should be trusted or not.  

With different kinds of cryptocurrencies coming into the view, people have a lot of options to choose from. So, it also creates a lot of competition for the bitcoins to maintain their position in the market as of now.

Not so with fiat currencies. Even though a government has the right to print more money, it generally practices restraint in doing so, since rampant money-printing devalues that currency and can spur inflation which can cause loss of money or the exchange of black money.  

Also, anyone who wants to own another country’s currency must trade existing currency. In my personal opinion, globally; for better or worse, the amount of money that can be held at any given time is finite, securing at least some semblance of value.